Wellness LIVE! 

Year started: 2015

Running Time: 30-60 mins


Wellness LIVE! is a YouTube series I started for my Women's Fitness class. I wanted my students be able to have the opportunity to connect with successful females throughout the world. Health and Wellness is so much more in-depth than what people think. It not just about eating healthy and having physical activity. It's about being comfortable in your own skin, mental/emotional health, finding a career you love, and how you treat others! 

Mental Health & Dance

Year started: 2014

Unit: Dance & Mental Health


Mental health is a growing concern in our society today from depression, PTSD, bullying issues, and so much more. I believe that all aspects of health and wellness needs to be taught and addressed. Dance and self expression is a great way to teach mental health. For the past 5 years I have teamed up with Heather Winia from Groove Method to help teach the importance of knowing your body and staying true to yourself. 

Therapy Dog in Training: Brody James

Year Started: 2017

Animal therapy has become a huge topic in schools and health and wellness. I adopted Brody James from West Michigan Humane Society in the spring of 2017. He has been in training ever since. Currently, Brody comes to work 3 days a week and serves in my classroom, counseling office, other staff classrooms and buildings. He reads and visits with the elementary schools every other week. Goes for runs with students. Lets students and staff pet and relax with him. He overall brings joy and love to the students and staff of Pennfield Schools.

Class Workouts & Lessons
Military Workouts


"Who is Ms. Collins?  She is an outgoing, fun, hardworking, compassionate, kind, motivated, helpful, caring, and an enthusiastic person. She helped out in performance, which was my 3rd hour. I was so grateful to get to know her in this short amount of time that I did. Ms. Collins helped other students and I in performance by improving our main lifts and critiquing us to make us better and have less of a chance of getting injured. Also when doing ab-workouts she would push us hard and try to make us do our best. Something I don’t like is that Ms. Collins is leaving us so early. She will be missed by a lot of Hamilton students and I hope she returns to Hamilton High School again. Hopefully her experience here was as good as it was for me. Having awesome people like her is what makes high school a better place to be. Thank you so much Ms. Collins for giving other students and I the opportunity to get to know you and work with you. Wherever you end up they will be very lucky to have you."

Franny Prins

Hamilton High School - Class of 2016